Case Studies

BioPark –Awareness Campaign

The BioPark needed to raise awareness of their facilities to generate pool of potential tenants. They came to us and we worked with their Commercial Management Team to identify their client base and key messages they wanted to convey to each group.

Our approach was to segregate their potential clients into three market segments; MedTech, Biotech and Pharma/Chemistry companies and assign key facility requirements for each group. We then developed three trade and technical press lists, wrote and distributed a separate facilities release for each client segment.

The PR campaign helped achieve awareness of the BioPark which now has 75% occupancy with 21 tenants and over 220 scientists on site.


Advertising - Awareness Campaign 

Synbiosis wanted to make scientists aware that their ProtoCOL automated colony counter could be used in different industries to generate new sales leads. We worked with Synbiosis’ Commercial Management Team to determine which applications were the most important for these different types of microbiologists. We then wrote technical advertising copy for three different adverts designed to appeal to each target audience. The advertising was placed in specific journals and resulted in the direct generation of new sales leads.

Syngene – Website Copy

Syngene wanted scientists to find their website easy to use by directing them to the right products via imaging application. Syngene wanted to do this because scientists instinctively know what they want to do in their research but they don’t often know the brand names of the imaging product for that application.

Our response was to discuss the key messages with Syngene’s Commercial Management Team and determine which keywords were essential for search engines to drive traffic to the site. We then wrote all the corporate and technical introductory sections of the new Syngene website with this applications focus in mind. The result was a website which helped scientists to understand which products they needed by looking at the different imaging applications that Syngene products could cater for. Traffic to the web site increased and resulted in a larger number of sales leads coming via the website.

Go to to see the site.

TAP Biosystems – Corporate Rebranding Campaign

TAP Biosystems came to us for help with corporate rebranding because they wanted to make customers understand more clearly the company’s current offering. We worked with TAP Biosystems’ Commercial Management and Executive Team to determine their key reasons for corporate repositioning.

Our response was to produce script for a web based video broadcast from the CEO.

TAP CEO Statement

Arrange press briefings at a major trade show, as well as write and distribute a press release to the trade and technical press all containing the same consistent messaging.

New Corporate Identity News Release

The result is the company has made a smooth transition to a new corporate identity, which was widely reported in targeted trade and technical journals and on-line media. This has enabled TAP Biosystems to meet its objective of appealing to a new customer base, while still retaining the long standing reputation and the goodwill of its existing customers.

 TAP Biosystems – New Product Launch

TAP Biosystems came to us when they wanted publicity for their new ambr system, which was to be marketed to a Bioprocessing audience. As this was in a new market area for them, we liaised with TAP’s commercial management to produce a list of editors to send press to, wrote a number of press releases on the system and also an article in a major trade publication, Bioprocessing Journal.

To see the press releases, please go to:

US and European Launch of ambr News Release

First ambr Sale News Release

Introduction of 48 Bioreactor ambr System News Release

New ambr with Integrated ViCell System

To see the article, please go to:

Novel Automated Micro-Scale Bioreactor Technology

This sustained PR campaign has ensured TAP Biosystems generated 400 leads for this system since its launch and has allowed TAP Biosystems to place the system in several major biotech and contract research organisations.



Teva were having difficulty recruiting and retaining enough patients for some of their clinical trials. They spoke to us at ISW and we discussed the key issues for both patients and clinicians on each trial.

Our approach was to produce separate newsletters aimed either at clinicians or patients, addressing the issues the patient groups and clinicians faced, with a series of short pieces in each newsletter. These included articles from clinicians who were successful at recruiting patients describing their approach and also general articles for patients on travelling with their medication and the type of diet they should follow.

The feedback was that the newsletters made patients feel more in touch with the trial and helped the clinicians consider new methods of approaching patient recruitment. This resulted in improved recruitment and retention figures.

Teva patient newsletter


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